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La Télé - Case study

The editorial policy of La Télé was very complicated to implement because of the geographical area of diffusion, politics, laws and financial restrictions. Christophe Rasch brought to La Télé his editorial vision, his tv medias experience and his correct appreciation of diffusion on the internet.

Philippe Sordet - Chairman of the Board from 2008 to 2014

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La Télé - Case study

Create and manage a regional TV

La Télé is the first licensed private channel in French-speaking Switzerland covering the Vaud-Fribourg area.


Its TV audience is over 55,000 individual viewers on a daily average, excluding the many people who use the web and mobile platforms.


Create a regional television channel. Christophe Rasch, MediaGo’s founder, has managed this project since 2006 at Edipresse, when the group was approached by all the Vaud regional television channels at the time when OFCOM created the single Vaud-Fribourg licence.


Imagine and create the channel, guide an innovative editorial line, manage relations with OFCOM and parliamentarians and with cable operators. Also, create advertising products and structure the offer nation-wide.


Creation of studios, programmes and setting up a team of 50 people.


Turnover of 8 million.

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