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Nyon Région Télévision (NRTV) - Case study

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Daniel Rossellat

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Nyon Région Télévision (NRTV) - Case study

Revitalize a regional TV

Nyon Région Télévision is the television channel for the district of Nyon. Each week, it offers fresh local and regional news.


NRTV has also positioned itself as a crucial partner for political debate by inviting elected representatives and leading local figures to discuss topical subjects.


Sport and culture also feature prominently, each with one weekly broadcast. NRTV’s video productions are available round-the-clock on a loop on the broadcasting channel and on the Internet site and social networks.


The weekly newsletter reaches 1200 qualified contacts. Benefiting from new circulation partnerships, NRTV can now be viewed by 150,000 homes in the Nyon region and is also accessible throughout Switzerland.


Relaunch a local TV channel and turn it into a must-watch media.


Broaden the circulation zone with private operators (Swisscom, Cablecom, etc.) while also providing brand-new content.


Improve programme quality and enhance the media presence on the Internet and social networks.
Secure financing from the public authorities.


NRTV now reaches a potential audience of 150,000 persons directly. Its audience has increased by 100%, and the channel can be viewed throughout Switzerland and on the Internet.

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