Une vidéo vaut mieux que des mots



A video is worth more than any number of words!

The trend

Today, every daily, weekly or monthly press publications makes its own videos for social networks to reach all of its readers. Surprising for printed publications? Not really nowadays.

Just look at the way in which other people (and we too) use our mobile phones. Holding the device in an open hand, the commuter stares at his screen. Sometimes with earphones, sometimes without. It makes no difference. What’s he doing? More often than not, he’s receiving information. But you don’t see him moving his fingers to scroll down the text… So he’s watching a video. A video which, through infographics, images and subtitles, allows the web surfer to capture information in a few sentences and often in less than a minute.

Businesses too

But these videos do not originate solely from media outlets. Very often they are produced by companies, organisations or associations which decide to convey their knowledge through packages of short informative content and highlight their expertise in a specific field.

« A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. »

In digital marketing, the challenge nowadays is to find the best format for simple communication. Here, the short video has become a safe bet. It can be consumed easily even without a soundtrack and transmitted just as easily to loyal followers. According to the Social Brain site (link to the site), one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words! Hardly surprising then that companies love them, allocating an ever-increasing share of their communication budget to the production of short films.

The art of storytelling

The video is also the best tool when it comes to playing the storytelling card, the aim being to put faces behind the functions and tell the narrative of a company’s life beyond annual balance sheets and business reports. In a few short sequences, a video allows clients to get behind the scenes of the business, meet employees and attend events. In brief, to liven up the presentation!

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